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  • Ateos Foundation of Science Education and Research (AFSER) is a Non Profit Organization. AFSER has all the statutory and mandatory approvals from Govt. of India. AFSER has objectives to Promote Science, research and development activity for skilled Indian youths in fields of Pharmacy, Engineering, Science, Medical, Dental Sciences and large Sciences streams of all specializations. It aims to fill the gap between educational needs and actual practical approach of the students of science streams of all kinds, towards the society. Also promote/conduct various online and offline programs and promoting the Science for the benefit and development of Indian Youths. Recently AFSER has signed an MoU with E-Cell Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) for these certification courses. These activities are being conducted under the eminent visionary leadership of Dr. Amit Nerkar., who is Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences and has vast experience in teaching and research. His profile can be surfed throughout the internet. Further through his magnanimous leadership, he strives to develop quality network of highly qualified eminent professionals from Pharmacy, Science and Technology, Medical and Paramedical Sciences.
  • We look forward for your cooperation to join our noble cause of skilled India moment and medical and health social work.


  • Ateos Foundation Of Science Education And Research's Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U85300PN2020NPL191407 and its registration number is 191407, incorporated on 20 June 2020. AFSER is Non Profit Organization (NPO) and supports the cause of the skilled India Movement and strives and thrives to skill the Indian youth for nation building. AFSER has conducted several programmes by quality education and skilling the youth through its direct and indirect methods.

The direct interaction methods include:

  • Journal : Current trends in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry wherein a plethora of research has been published from the eminent personalities in the field of Pharmacy. A special Thematic issue on the Virology and Human Health and another Thematic Issue on Formulation of Herbal Productshad also been published during the Covid-19 lockdown phase. Thus serving the Scientific communities.
  • Online and Offline Courses: These courses have been shared and online courses of short duration i.e. of 3-6 months are the main eye catchers as the Individuals earns a certificate with logo of AFSER and Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India. We would like to thank E-CELL , IIT Kharagpur for their cooperation for signing the memorandum of understanding (MoU) with AFSER. These courses shall be beneficial for the students of Pharmacy, Science and Technology, Medical and Paramedical Sciences to upgrade their skill in the given area and for the future prospects of solving their problem of employment. The AFSER certificate holder will be always outstanding and will be worth and employable.
  • Direct Medical and Health Social Work Services: This is a unique programme of AFSER and being carried out with sister entity Carolene Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. During the Covid-19 lockdown period AFSER has served the society by making Sanitizers and masks freely available and several other pharmaceutical services.

The indirect development initiatives of AFSER include:

Fellow Membership Awards

  • As mentioned earlier AFSER is not for profit organization and generates its own funds through these direct and indirect programs. Further it spends the same for the new or the existing programs. AFSER has the main motto of nation building and to serve the society and nation through its medical health social work and education programs.
  • AFSER believes that a skilled nation makes more chances of making economically and educationally sound citizens for national development leading to a prosperous nation.
  • We humbly look forward to your generous monetary donations to our foundation so that we serve our nation better in every possible effort we can.


Current Trends in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry is the official Journal of Ateos Foundation of Science Education and Research, hosted and Managed by e-Current Science under the editorship of Dr Amit G.Nerkar.

e-ISSN: 2582-5062

The aim of the journal is to peer review and publish recent advances as well as trivial approaches in Pharmacy and especially pharmaceutical chemistry research. The journal strives for the quality publications and will accept high-quality research. The peer review system shall be scrutinizing the facts of the publications with due care of scientific temper of the research findings of the author.

Current Trends in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry is peer-reviewed Journal invites manuscripts of review and research articles in areas mentioned below:

All disciplines of pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and all disciplines of pharmaceutical chemistry

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Natural Product Chemistry
  • Drug Design
  • Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
  • Drug Discovery

Click on to www.ctppc.org to visit the Journal


“To Promote Science, research and development activity for skilled Indian youths in fields of Pharmacy, Engineering, Science, Medical, Dental Sciences and large Sciences streams of all specializations. It aims to fill the gap between educational needs and actual practical approach of the students of science streams of all kinds, towards the society. Also promote/conduct various online and offline programs and promoting the Science for the benefit and development of Indian youth from Science background and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of objects under these presents. Also carry on below activities:

  • Contributing to sustenance, planning and coordination of science and technology.
  • Concerning itself with the improvement and modernization of science education in schools, colleges, universities and technical institutions of the country.
  • Undertaking, encouraging and promoting studies of problems concerning:
    • The exploration and exploitation of natural resources of the county
    • Balanced agricultural and industrial development, consistent with the environmental and socio-economic objectives of the County.
  • Concerning itself with the role of science and technology in the service of the rural community.
  • Endeavoring to create informed public opinion on matters of science and technology relevant to the County.
    • Cooperate with the Government, and make available to the Government, the results of its studies and expert investigations, as well as undertake special studies on behalf of the Government when called upon to do so.
    • Cooperate with industries in the County in attempts to solve technological problems facing them.
    • Promote the development of appropriate technologies in relation to the social, economic and geographic conditions.
    • To promote research projects and studies on scientific and technological problems of special relevance.
    • Cooperate with other learned bodies in and outside the County for the promotion, utilization and popularization of science.
    • Promote and maintain liaison between science, humanities and letters.
    • Undertake publications of research papers, reports, journals, monographs and books and other audiovisual aids in various fields of science and technologies.
    • Organize meetings, seminars and conferences for the benefit of Science.
    • Secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of science and technology.
    • Undertake and execute all other acts which will assist and promote the usefulness, aims and purposes of the Company on non profit basis.


  • Ateos Foundation of Science Education and Research , Pune, M.S., India in its endeavour to cherish and appraise outstanding contributions in the field of Science and Technology and to honour these personalities, has started this Fellow Membership Programme. Kindly note AFSER Fellow members shall have no obligation from us to serve us neither there shall be any hidden costs further. Neither there is any chain membership system nor you will be asked to make any further members. The Certificate shall be issued for the lifetime. We commit to have your esteemed name on our website with several other benifits.
  • The Memberships will be awarded based on CV and contribution in the field of Pharmaceutical, Medical , Dental, Paramedical, Engineering and Science Categories. There are 10 Fellow Members in each category. The Fellow members can be considered as the eminent Brand Ambassador of the AFSER and as prestigious contributors to the respective fields mentioned above and also as a fund generation programme of the AFSER as it is a Non-Profit Organization.

Mode of Application: Kindly apprise CV on Email ateosfoundation01@gmail.com

Donation: Kindly donate generously to serve the cause of AFSER, for this fellowship any amount above Rs 3000/- for this fellowship as we are non profit organization intended to serve the educational cause and social cause. However CV selection is the main criteria for the award of the fellowship.

Mode of Payment: Online in Bank Account of AFSER.

Form of Award: Certificate as a Fellow Member from AFSER and Free of cost publishing for 3 years in Journal Current Trends in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry as well as Member to the editorial Board of Current Trends in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal on request.

Eligibility: Fellow Member should be atleast PhD/ ME/ M.Tech/ M.Sc/ M.Pharm/ MDS/MD with at-least 8 years of experience and significant contribution in fields mentioned above.

Last Date : 24th January Each Year/ Based on call for applications

It is requested to encourage your students/ friends/ colleagues to take advantage of this excellent opportunit



Mr. Ashish M. Keskar

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Amit G. Nerkar

Dr. Gaurav A. Pathak

Engineering and Technology

Mr. Ved. M. Kshirsagar


  • AFSER has several of its activities, one of it includes conduction of the educational webinars of eminent speakers from various fields. The webinars conducted in the past include Webinar organised by AFSER in Association with Clini India On "Strategies of Colon Targeting of Drugs", Speaker: Dr.Nilesh B. Kulkarni, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics, SES's R.C.Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Shirpur, Dhule, M.S on 30th of May 2020, which was free of cost to around 495 registered delegates during the hard times of Covid-19 lockdown in India.
  • Webinar was Organized by Ateos Foundation of Science Education and Research in Association with Wisdommine, Founded by Capt. Nitin Joshi, on " Three-Step Success Mastery Blueprint" by Eminent Resource Person: Dr S. S. Manikiran, Professor, Chalapathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Founder of Walk with Success, Intuitive Coach on 29th May 2020. This was AFSER along with Wisdommine and Dr. Manikiran's small effort to guide a more than 295 participants registered directly and over 1000 participants live online. The effort was again to keep the young student generation strive towards a possitive attitude for nation building and during the hard phase of Covid-19 lockdown period.
  • Ateos Foundation of Science Education and Research in association with Wisdommine and E-Cell IIT Kharagpur is organizing a Course on "Facing the interviews in Pharmaceutical Fields". The 15 days crash course workshop was available from 27th January 2021 and was concluded on 10th Feb 2021. The course was found useful by the students of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and aspirants for jobs in Pharmaceutical Fields. Several of the eminent personalities from Industry guided the students for developing future interview skills ahead. We were obliged by SIPS, Lonavala, Pune, M.S., for their maximum registrations for this course.